Products & Pipeline

invenious™ connect-and-go infusibles has a strong and growing portfolio

BioQ Pharma’s invenious™ connect-and-go portfolio includes products for post-surgical pain and anesthesia, as well as pipeline assets in sedation, antibiotics, oncology and biosimilars.

The invenious platform could reduce the total cost of care for the provider.

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Ropivacaine Readyfusor* and invenious™/propofol are two examples of infusible products already using invenious™ connect-and-go technology.

Ropivacaine Readyfusor

The Ropivacaine Readyfusor infusion pharmaceutical is pre-filled and is intended to provide a safer, more efficient solution (at a lower total cost) than fillable pain pumps. Our Ropivacaine Readyfusor pharmaceutical is applicable to surgical procedures conducted in hospitals and surgery centers.

BioQ Pharma markets Ropivacaine Readyfusor through a variety of partners worldwide.



Propofol  is one of the world’s most commonly used procedural anesthetic agents. invenious™/propofol features programmable flow and bolus capabilities. Our ready-to-use invenious™/propofol pharmaceutical presentation has been designed with the intent to help providers increase patient throughput, while improving safety and sterility for patients.

BioQ Pharma is marketing invenious™/propofol through our worldwide commercial partners.