About invenious

The invenious™ platform aims to enhance safety, efficacy, sterility, value and convenience

BioQ designs ready-to-use delivery systems for hard to prepare and hard to administer infusible drugs – thereby simplifying the infusion process from beginning to end. invenious™ infusion systems are designed uniquely to each drug’s preparation and dosing requirements.

The invenious™ platform can benefit the end user because of its self-contained delivery system technology that can:

  • Mix the drug and diluent at time of use inside the closed delivery system
  • Be quickly programmed for diverse dose and flow rates
  • Reduce administration complexity through a convenient and intuitive interface


BioQ Pharma’s product designs are pre-filled and ready-to-use at the point of care. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has stated that medication should be provided in the most ready-to-use form to the person responsible for administration.

Our ready-to-use infusion pharmaceuticals are:

  • Pre-filled to minimize medication errors
  • Designed for the specific dosing regimen of each drug
  • Single patient & single use
  • Disposable following use

Our ready-to-use infusion pharmaceuticals are intended to minimize medication errors because they are pre-filled by the manufacturer and the dispensing systems dosing capability is uniquely designed around each drug.


BioQ Pharma’s infusion pharmaceuticals are presented in self-contained, ready-to-use, unit-dose dispensing systems with sterile drugs. Because the systems are pre-filled at the site of manufacture, manual preparation steps (that often compromise the sterility of the drug) are not required.

Our infusion pharmaceuticals are:

  • Presented with sterile drug
  • Self-contained
  • Ready-to-use at the point of care
  • Pre-prepared and require no external drug transfer


Our ready-to-use infusion pharmaceuticals are positioned to create value for patients, providers, and payers by lowering the total cost of drug delivery.

Reducing the number of hands that touch the drug en route to the patient can lower costs by:

  • Reducing pharmacy time
  • Eliminating filling and preparation steps
  • Limiting waste and product expiry
  • Enabling early ambulation and mobility
  • Reducing nursing time


BioQ Pharma’s infusion pharmaceuticals can be immediately deployed at the point-of-care without multiple preparation steps.

The unit-dose infusion packages are:

  • Activated with a single touch
  • Unit-dose for a single patient
  • Drug specific
  • Disposable following use

Setting a New Standard of Care in Infusible Pharmaceuticals

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