BioQ Pharma’s proprietary platform invenious™ transforms infusible medicines into ready-to-use connect-and-go systems

We are a commercial stage company that intends to set a new standard of care in infusion

invenious™ aims to make the delivery of infusible medicines more effective, safer and simpler, while increasing value to patients, providers and payers.

The invenious™ platform comprises a bespoke ‘connect-and-go’ delivery solution for infusible medicines – with all-in-one, pre-filled, ready-to-use and adaptable functions suited to specific dosing regimens.

invenious™ delivery systems are particularly well suited for hard to prepare and/or administer infusibles.

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Our invenious™ platform presents the opportunity to build on existing product claims with new benefits to administration like efficiency and safety.

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BioQ Pharma’s patented invenious™ connect-and-go technology is already being used to deliver infusible drugs with thoughtfully-designed delivery systems tailored for each drug.