BioQ Pharma is dedicated to addressing the most pressing unmet needs in infusion technology

Our capabilities

BioQ Pharma has proprietary development, regulatory and manufacturing know-how to implement solutions for a wide range of infusible pharmaceuticals. We have the ability to provide a safe, proven and more efficient alternative to reformulation of infusibles.

Our vision to set a new standard of care for infusions is enabled by our invenious™ platform – a technology built to address some of the most pressing unmet needs in infusion today: cost, medication error, sterility, efficiency, and patient quality of life.

For branded pharmaceuticals

The invenious™ platform could offer a more efficient alternative to reformulation for infusible medicines whose market performance may be held back by complex preparation and administration, as well as those products approaching loss of exclusivity or requiring differentiation (e.g., biosimilars).

For generic pharmaceuticals

Our value proposition objectives for providers, payors, and patients include reducing the potential for medication errors, increasing efficiencies by streamlining logistics and reducing the number of hands that touch the drug en route, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the total cost of drug delivery. We utilize a de-risked commercialization strategy in which BioQ Pharma is the innovator and manager of its network of manufacturing partners to supply finished products to leading pharmaceutical companies for sale under their private label.