invenious™ for pharma companies

The invenious™ platform transforms infusible drugs into a
‘connect-and-go’ package

invenious™ offers multiple benefits to pharmaceutical companies.

For pharmaceutical companies seeking fast, efficient ways to unlock extra revenue growth, the invenious™ platform could offer a safe, proven and more efficient alternative to reformulation. Invenious™ infusion systems does this for:

  • Infusible medicines whose market performance is held back by complex preparation and administration
  • Products approaching loss of exclusivity

Together, this means the invenious™ platform could help you:

  • Differentiate each therapeutic application against competitors
  • Gain opportunities for lifecycle management
  • Build on existing product claims with new benefits to administration like cost effectiveness, efficiency, and safety
  • Provide tangible advantages over competing products with similar efficacy

The invenious™ team has done it before

invenious™ connect-and-go technology is already being used to deliver infusibles in a patented range of infusion systems. Our products are thoughtfully-designed to each drug – with bespoke solutions for:

  • Drugs requiring complex weight-based dosing
  • Cytotoxic drugs
  • Drugs that need to be reconstituted or diluted at time of use
  • Drug-drug combinations, including for cold-chain products

BioQ Pharma has a proven track record of delivering drug-device combination product approvals around the world. With our proprietary technology, and pharmaceutical and device know-how, we can take invenious™ to where it’s needed.