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BioQ Pharma Announces Positive Closure of EU Regulatory Procedure for Ready-to-Use Propofol Product

Oct 08, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, October 8, 2018: BioQ Pharma Incorporated (“the Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing ready-to-use infusible pharmaceuticals, today announced the positive closure of a European regulatory procedure for its propofol product. The Company’s ready-to-use infusion pharmaceutical includes the propofol drug product and delivery system in a single-use unit-dose presentation.

The European countries involved in this regulatory procedure will now commence issuing national marketing authorizations for the Company’s propofol product.

Josh Kriesel, President and CEO of BioQ Pharma, commented, “We are pleased to announce another regulatory milestone in our growing portfolio of drug-device combination products. BioQ designed this ready-to-use product to help improve the effectiveness, safety, ease of use, and sterility associated with the administration of propofol. We look forward to the successful commercialization of this product, alongside our previously approved Ropivacaine ReadyfusOR product, by our various commercial partners throughout the European Union.”

About BioQ Pharma

BioQ Pharma Incorporated is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing ready-to-use infusible pharmaceuticals. The Company's infusion platform is intended to address some of the most pressing unmet needs in drug infusion today: cost, medication error, sterility, efficiency, and patient quality of life. BioQ Pharma's vision is to set a new standard of care in the presentation and administration of infusible pharmaceuticals via the Company's proprietary unit-dose infusion systems that can be deployed quickly and conveniently at the point of care with one touch. The Company is ISO13485 certified. BioQ Pharma's commercial collaborators and strategic partners include Novartis' Sandoz unit, Stada, Cipla, Lee's Pharm, Lunatus, Galen Limited, POA Pharma, Sophos Biotech, Xantis Pharma, Taiba Pharmacy, and West Pharmaceutical Services.

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