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BioQ Pharma and Xantis Pharma Join to Offer Three Ready-to-Use Infusion Products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Jun 14, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2018: BioQ Pharma Incorporated (“the Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company, and Xantis Pharma AG (“Xantis”), a company focused on making high-quality medicines more accessible to those who need them, today announced an agreement to market three ready-to-use infusion products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The collaboration between Xantis and BioQ includes two anesthesia product candidates and the already approved Ropivacaine ReadyfusOR product, an opioid sparing post-surgical pain management therapy.

Josh Kriesel, President and CEO of BioQ Pharma, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Xantis and to begin offering our expanding line of infusible pharmaceutical products to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

Gunnar Beinteinsson, COO of Xantis commented, “Xantis is excited to expand our portfolio of hospital products to include these innovative infusible pharmaceuticals in Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

About BioQ Pharma

BioQ Pharma Incorporated is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing ready-to-use infusible pharmaceuticals. The Company's infusion platform is intended to address some of the most pressing unmet needs in drug infusion today: cost, medication error, sterility, efficiency, and patient quality of life. BioQ Pharma's vision is to set a new standard of care in the presentation and administration of infusible pharmaceuticals via the Company's proprietary unit-dose infusion systems that can be deployed quickly and conveniently at the point of care with one touch. The Company is ISO13485 certified. BioQ Pharma's commercial collaborators and strategic partners include Novartis' Sandoz unit, Stada, Cipla, Lee's Pharm, Lunatus, Galen Limited, POA Pharma, Xantis Pharma, and West Pharmaceutical Services.

About Xantis Pharma

Xantis Pharma focuses on making affordable, high quality medicines more accessible to those who need them. The Xantis Pharma portfolio comprises a broad range of leading molecules for treating conditions in the fields of cardiology, central-nervous systems (CNS), gastroenterology, men’s health, allergy, arthritis and pain management, while building on the leading ‘Sanorin’ brand for cough and cold and nasal decongestants. The company supplies pharmacies, doctors and wholesalers’ in in Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Central Europe, with future plans to enter the hospital market segment.

Company Contact Information:

Xantis Pharma AG:

Jiri Havranek
Xantis Pharma
GM Czech & Slovak Republics
+420 602 489 994

Gunnar Beintensson
Xantis Pharma
Chief Operating Officer
+41 79 909 73 37

BioQ Pharma Incorporated:

Josh Kriesel
BioQ Pharma Incorporated
President and CEO

Ron Pauli
BioQ Pharma Incorporated
Chief Financial Officer

Walter Cleymans
BioQ Pharma Incorporated
Chief Commercial Officer
+32 474 (053) 253